Computer Woes

My trusty laptop gave up the ghost today. It’s been sending subtle and not so subtle signs for weeks. My live in tech support, who also has a day job, tried his best. It seems my hard drive may be in park for good. I’m glad that all my photos automatically back up to Google. […]

Organized at Heart Moves to

Craft Room: Before and After

It’s been nice having you follow along.  Thank you for your readership. Organized at Heart moved platforms for a more streamlined site.  To continue receiving regular updates, wont’ you  please follow me here. Same content, new platform. Please join me at Organized at Heart Thanks for your interest. Alys Milner Efficiency Expert and Professional Organizer […]

Guest Room/Home Office Conversion

I’m delighted when I have the chance to help clients transform an entire room.  In addition to organizing, I assist with furniture selection and placement.  I help establish a color palette, if desired.  This recent project  converted a guest room and home office to a more efficient work space.  Updating and then reorienting furniture maximized […]

The Organized Kitchen: Results in Four Hours

Today I helped restore order to a charming, 1920’s kitchen.  Here are the results including before and after photos: The Organized Kitchen Animoto Slide Show Potential clients often ask, “How long will it take to…” and the answer is: “it depends.”  Everyone works at a different pace.  The process energizes some clients and they continue […]

Pad Those Platters and Strap Your TV

Today’s Bay Area earthquake was another reminder of the shaky ground we live on.  Following are a few organizing tips I’ve come up with over the years to keep our home as safe as possible during a temblor. Bubble Wrap® Platters: I have a few serving plates and bowls used for special occasions, so I […]