Guest Room/Home Office Conversion

I’m delighted when I have the chance to help clients transform an entire room.  In addition to organizing, I assist with furniture selection and placement.  I help establish a color palette if desired.  This recent project converted a guest room and home office to a more efficient work space.  Updating and then reorienting furniture maximized […]

The Organized Kitchen: Results in Four Hours

Today I helped restore order to a charming, 1920’s kitchen.  Here are the results including before and after photos: The Organized Kitchen Animoto Slide Show Potential clients often ask, “How long will it take to…” and the answer is: “it depends.”  Everyone works at a different pace.  The process energizes some clients and they continue […]

Pad Those Platters and Strap Your TV

Today’s Bay Area earthquake was another reminder of the shaky ground we live on.  Following are a few organizing tips I’ve come up with over the years to keep our home as safe as possible during a temblor. Bubble Wrap® Platters: I have a few serving plates and bowls used for special occasions, so I […]