The Organized Kitchen: Results in Four Hours

Today I helped restore order to a charming, 1920’s kitchen.  Here are the results including before and after photos:

The Organized Kitchen Animoto Slide Show

Potential clients often ask, “How long will it take to…” and the answer is: “it depends.”  Everyone works at a different pace.  The process energizes some clients and they continue on their own at the end of the session.  Others find the process emotionally difficult and tiring and need time between sessions to recoup.  Making decisions about the number of coffee mugs to keep is far less challenging than sorting letters from a lost loved one.  I work efficiently while at the same time letting the client set the pace.

You can see additional video slide shows of my work here.


  1. compassionatecitizen says:

    Wow. Good work, BTO! I love before and after photos. Sort of a voyeuristic satisfaction. Hard for me to imagine having to face that degree of clutter. Is there a closet door now in that house which should not be opened? ; ) Seeing this, I don’t feel so bad about my own little get-to-later piles!

    • Thank you! I’ve always loved before and after photos too. It’s nice to be creating some of my own. I should have taken photos of the interiors we worked on. Nothing gets shoved into a closet!

      By the way, what does BTO mean?

  2. Nice work, Alsy! I love before and after photos, too. Nice ad (slideshow), too!

  3. compassionatecitizen says:

    You got it, sis! : ) Oh, how I do wish we lived closer!

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