Organize a Crafting Space without Breaking the Bank

It can be lots of fun tricking out your craft area with the latest and greatest storage solutions.  In my youth, I dreamed of a Better Homes and Gardens sewing room with beautiful containers, a comfortable, over-stuffed chair and all the latest gadgets at my fingertips.  The sun would be streaming through the window 365 days a year, much like a Pottery Barn catalog.  A woman can dream, can’t she?

After years of “floating” with my crafting tools in tow, using the kitchen table or a corner of a rented table at a scrap-booking retreat, I finally carved out a craft space of my own using the closet in our home office/den.

Here’s how I created by own dedicated space:

  • I removed the sliding doors and the closet shelving, along with all the items stored there.  At least half of the items (home office supplies and craft materials) would need to go back in to the space so every inch had to count.
  • I sanded, primed and painted the interior closet walls using the same color as the accent wall in the room.  This helped unify the space.
  • I was able to take advantage of the once-a-year Elfa® sale (30% off!) at The Container Store.  The desktop had to be cut down by one inch to fit the space (23 inches deep).  I chose a narrow 8″ shelf to place immediately above the desk, to allow easy access to tools without blocking the light.  Two additional shelves, 16″ deep, accommodate the photo albums, paper, and additional tools.  The top 12″ shelf is unseen behind the closet header.  It stores rarely accessed items.

Following are photos of how we did it.  I hope you’ll be inspired to create your own special place.

Closet with doors and shelves removed; plastic sheeting to contain dust

Safety First: Dust Mask and Protective Glasses

Close Quarters: Two Coats of Paint

My Eager Helper

Tiny Closet with Big Potential

My Little Slice of Paradise

Dedicated Work Surface

Benjamin Moore HC-115 (Georgian Green)


  1. Beauteous! =) What a perfectly fabulous use of a closet! I need an office, so now you’ve inspired me to simply find a closet I can use…once I figure out what to do with the clothes!:)

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