Walker on the Wild Side!

Duck Tape Fix

My sister Sharon has Primary Progressive MS.  She uses a motorized scooter to cover long distances, but she is also able to use a walker to move around her house and mine.

Sharon also has style!  She misses wearing her long dresses and hip shoes, but she finds ways to maintain her sense of fashion and poise.  So when she asked me to help her repair the brake cable on her walker, the solution was obvious: zebra-patterned Duck Tape® Sheets.

Duck Tape® brand duct tape is now available in 8 ½ x 11-inch sheets for just $2.  The sheets come in a variety of styles but remain the sturdy brand we rely on.

Sharon and Lindy

I also purchased Scotch® Bundling Straps, designed for organizing and bundling computer cords.  I used two to secure the brake cables to the frame of her walker.  The cables need to move freely so they could not be taped in place.  These affordable straps secure the cables with a self-fastening band, looped loosely over the bars.

Know anyone with a disability? Pass it on!


  1. Holy smokes, when did you redo your blog? It looks great!

  2. spashionistareport says:

    Too clever! I love it. I think it’s important to view disability hardware as a giant “accessory” which is exactly what you did. PS Your sister’s a beautiful girl!

    • Born To Organize says:

      Thank you! I will let her know you said that. We’re just a year apart in age (she’s 13 months younger). It’s been hard watching her decline over the past decade. She’s strong, independent and determined, much like you I’ll bet.

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