Pad Those Platters and Strap Your TV

Today’s Bay Area earthquake was another reminder of the shaky ground we live on.  Following are a few organizing tips I’ve come up with over the years to keep our home as safe as possible during a temblor.

Bubble Wrap Platters and Large Bowls

Bubble Wrap® Platters:

A few more temblor-proof ideas:

Strap tall bookcases, entertainment centers and other top-heavy furniture to the wall using strapping kits, available at most hardware stores. Consider strapping heavy but movable appliances or large TV screens as well.

Store wine glasses using overhead stemware racks. Pack valuable or infrequently used pieces in padded cases.

Stemware Rack

Padded Storage Chest

Prepare an emergency earthquake kit and if possible, store it away from the house. I’ve seen one version using a tall, outdoor trash can with a snap on lid. I created our own with a couple of Rubbermaid bins. I store them in our back yard inside a garden bench. We use the top of the bench as a side board when we eat or entertain outdoors. The American Red Cross provides guidelines for preparing a kit of your own.

Earthquake Kit Stored Outdoors

Arrange beds away from windows whenever possible. A flashlight and a pair of sturdy slippers next to each bed will help you get out to safety *after* the shaking stops and when it is safe to do so. We have only one useable wall for our bed in the master bedroom, so when the time came to replace the 40-year-old windows, we replaced that one with tempered glass. It was more expensive, but worth the piece of mind.

Please share your own organizing safety tips in the comments section below.

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