Re-purpose Your 2011 Wall Calendar

Don’t toss last year’s calendar just yet.  Here are several ways to re-use it: Envelopes:  Using a template, create envelopes for your holiday gift thank you cards. Year-round gift tags: Using a shape punch, create tags from various dates on the calendar.  Bookmarks:  Using the heavier card stock on the front and back of your calendar, […]

Post-Holiday Dilemma: What to do with all those cards?

As the holiday season marches on, you’ve no doubt received a number of greeting cards from friends far and near (and maybe one or two from your dentist or stockbroker!) You’ve read them, displayed them and enjoyed the updates and photos.  Soon its time to put away the Christmas ornaments or the menorah, and you […]

Creative Memories Croptoberfest

I recently presented the following mini-workshop at a Creative Memories scrap-booking “Croptoberfest.” The key to maximizing your time scrap-booking and minimizing your time searching for things is organization. Creative Memories has some amazing tools to help you do just that, but first I want to talk about the basics. Sort: Know what you have, then […]