Photo Organization: Unearth the Smiles from the Piles

From time to time I offer a photo organizing workshop with the intent of helping clients pull together all of their non-digital photos (the ones that lurk in boxes, bags and bins). Before jumping in and helping them with a hands-on sort and purge, I present the following organizing primer: . . Step 1: Gather […]

Record Album Redux

Are your record albums still occupying valuable storage space? Find a way to honor the musical memories before letting them go. We photographed my husband’s record collection, then created this video as a Father’s Day gift. Vinyl Meets MP3  Artist: Jamie Dunlap, Julian Smith & Scott Nickoley Song: Who’s That Daddy? You might also want […]

What would you save first if your house caught fire?

The answer for most people: photographs (assuming loved ones, including pets, are safely out of the house)! The reality for many of us, however, is that photographs are everywhere. A few have made it into albums, but many reside in coffee tins, shoe boxes, garages, and drawers. This leaves your precious memories vulnerable to the […]