Photo Organization: Unearth the Smiles from the Piles

From time to time I offer a photo organizing workshop with the intent of helping clients pull together all of their non-digital photos (the ones that lurk in boxes, bags and bins). Before jumping in and helping them with a hands-on sort and purge, I present the following organizing primer: . . Step 1: Gather […]

Post-Holiday Dilemma: What to do with all those cards?

As the holiday season marches on, you’ve no doubt received a number of greeting cards from friends far and near (and maybe one or two from your dentist or stockbroker!) You’ve read them, displayed them and enjoyed the updates and photos.  Soon its time to put away the Christmas ornaments or the menorah, and you […]

What would you save first if your house caught fire?

The answer for most people: photographs (assuming loved ones, including pets, are safely out of the house)! The reality for many of us, however, is that photographs are everywhere. A few have made it into albums, but many reside in coffee tins, shoe boxes, garages, and drawers. This leaves your precious memories vulnerable to the […]