Organizing Christmas Morning

Okay, okay, I’m an organizing nut. I appreciate that most of my readers may be rolling their eyes but hear me out. Putting one or two small things in place now, will ensure a little method to the paper unwrapping madness come Christmas day, especially if you stayed up too late wrapping gifts and drinking Santa’s “special” eggnog.

Make a list, check it twice: Have a notepad and a fine-tipped Sharpie under the tree. Assign a scribe so you can keep track of gifts and their givers. This will help ensure that your thank you notes make it to the right generous giver.

Gift card shuffle: In this age of gift cards, more and more of them will be unwrapped under the tree. Consider writing the receiver’s name on the card when unwrapped. Our boys have been lucky to receive gift cards for birthdays, Christmas, graduations and as a thank you. We write their name on the card and insist they keep track of it like cash. When working with clients, I frequently help them unearth missing gift cards. Consider storing all your gift cards in one safe but accessible place.

Paper and ribbons and bows, oh my!: I have one bag of bows that I use year after year within our family. In the age of green it seems wasteful and environmentally unsound to use them once and toss them. I collect and store them in the same bag each year, pulling them out at Christmas to be used once again. Gifts are unwrapped and the bows go back in the bag.

Reduce, reuse, recycle: You should be able to recycle any non-foil gift wrap; gift bags can be set aside for use next year. Our tissue paper goes into a bag and is used to wrap and store ornaments when the tree comes down.

Expecting to unwrap gifts in need of batteries? Have batteries and a small screwdriver on hand, along with a pair of small scissors to remove stubborn packaging. (Be sure to keep these out of reach if you have small children).

Happy holidays!

Christmas Morning Toolbox:

* Camera with fully charged batteries
* Extra batteries and a screwdriver for toys
* Bag for bows and gift bags
* Notepaper
* Sharpies
* Scissors

Macie Loved Her Gift

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